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Sogni D'Oro (Dreams of Gold) - Short Film

Inspired by dresses in the local dress shop, a young girl is transported from her mundane life into a world of dreams and possibilities. Set in Tuscany in 1952, Sogni D'Oro (Dreams of Gold) is an old fashioned fairytale about a young girl growing up in relative poverty on a farm with her father. Every Friday at 5pm the local dress shop changes its window display and she rushes to see what imaginary delights each new dress will conjure… Shot on location in rural Tuscany, the film has no dialogue making it universally enjoyable and increasing the feeling that it is a classic film.

“The phrase ‘Sogni D'Oro’ is the Italian equivalent to 'sweet dreams'. It literally means 'dreams of gold' and I've always loved it as an expression. For me it conjures up more than just 'sweet' dreams, it encourages all the truly magical dreams that we have of weird and wonderful possibilities, bold hopes and fantastic ambitions.” – Jessica Elisa Boyd.

Starring Russ Abbot, this is a magical, tale that will resonate with the dreamer in us all.